Rose Tu’s Baby Owned By Cruel Traveling Circus

By Clatsop Animal Advocates

Rose Tu's Baby

Rose Tu’s Baby

Breaking news by the Seattle Times  has revealed that Rose Tu’s elephant baby is owned by a much criticized traveling circus. Although born at the Oregon Zoo the baby is in fact owned by “Have Trunk Will Travel” a cruel traveling circus that rents out elephants who could take that baby at any time if they chose. Although the Oregon Zoo claims this will not happen their close relationship with “Have Trunks will Travel” seems out of place as they claim love of elephants and conservation.

In an undercover video taken by ADI at “Have Trunks will Travel” California facility mature elephants and babies are repeatedly struck with the infamous and painful bull hooks. A female trainer kicks and stabs the elephants forcing them down to the ground. A baby cries out as two women pull it by the trunk and stab it with a stun gun. Footage shows many elephants lined up chained to the wall in a barren warehouse.

Knowing that the Oregon Zoo has a relationship with “Trunks will Travel” and continues to do so should concern Oregonians and people every where. We at Clatsop Animal Advocates believe this relationship with a traveling circus is wrong. By having a relationship with “Trunks will Travel” and by breeding their elephants the Oregon Zoo is supporting elephant abuse which today is unacceptable. Isn’t it time that the Oregon Zoo who claims to love elephants starts supporting the elephants and ends their relationship with this cruel traveling circus, “Have Trunks will Travel”.

Please sign the petition asking the Oregon Zoo to permanently end their relationship with “Have Trunks will Travel HERE.

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4 responses

  1. No defenceless animal should ever be subjected to cruel, degrading, painful punishment, or be a prisoner to entertain human beings. All circuses the world over should be banned. No excuses.

    • Agreed Suzie! We were so proud of the Oregon Zoo prior to hearing about this. We believed they truly loved elephants and supported them. To find they are working with “Have Trunks Will Travel” is unacceptable. The only thing I have to say for “Have Trunks Will Travel” is shut them down. And as for the Oregon Zoo end this relationship with “Have Trunks Will Travel”!

  2. I am in shock. I have been a supporter of the Oregon Zoo for years and now this? Isn’t there another way to breed elephants if that’s what they wanted to do? Why link with HTWT, especially in light of their awful reputation? Come on, Oregon Zoo!

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