Baby Circus Elephants are not as Lucky as the Calf of Rose Tu

By Clatsop Animal Advocates Team


Rose Tu’s new baby at five hours old.

Rose-Tu, a new mother elephant at the Portland Zoo had a successful birth of her 300 pound baby girl (baby female elephant) on November 30th.  Because Rose-Tu’s daughter, who has not been officially named yet, was born at a zoo she will be treated far better than elephant calves that are bread at a private Texas ranch for Wringling Brothers.  The moving story of her exceptional birth serves as a reminder to us of the less fortunate creatures, not born at zoos as good as the Oregon Zoo.  Her birth into a caring environment is in notable contrast to the conditions under which circus elephants are bread, (most often artificially and at young ages).  Where as the Oregon Zoo is well known for their humane and clinical standards in how they treat their animals the cruelty of the calf mills .

We ought to follow the Oregon Zoo’s example  in Clatsop County and bring animal cruelty of these noble beasts to an end here.  Although a 2010 initiative to ban the cruel by definition businesses of animal circuses outright from Clatsop County failed, activists have refocused their efforts on the a new effort to ban the instruments of animal abuse.  Contact us to find out more .

Update 12/4/2012 Clatsop Animal Advocates is sad to report that the Oregon Zoo has a working relationship with an Elephant Traveling Circus well documented for abuse. Rose-Tu’s baby is in fact owned by “Have Trunks Will Travel”. Please follow the LINK to our latest post on this issue. 

Clatsop Animal Advocates (CAA)